Leadership & Wellness Retreat

Are you feeling the effects of Stress, burnout, lack of motivation, anxiety? These are all by products of the constant demands of deadlines, investor and shareholder expectations and market place pressures. The impact of these stressors effects the business leaders, managers and team members alike. The result is poor sleep, low energy, low emotional self-control or low self-confidence.

"The scale, diversity and complexity of organisations requires a focus on individual and collective leadership and employee health, teamwork and whole of organisation coordination to ensure they deliver value. The absence of this comes at a cost far greater than the one off investment." Dale Dickson CEO GCCC 2006

Our in residence wellness programs create transformation in energy, recovery, clarity of mind and prevention of disease.

Griffith Consulting has established its own executuve retreat to provide a comprehensive program of complete rejuvenation. This has been developed utilising the expertise of specialist doctors of Ayurveda and teachers of Yoga and Meditation.

Take yourself and your team to a new level of stress free high performance with our in residence wellness program.

If you would like to discuss this program or request a brochure please send us an email via our Contact us page.