Leader As a Coach One Day Workshop

Strategies for leaders to have effective communication, accountability and improve team capabilitiesAccelerating Culture Change  through one to one leadership engagement - aligning the individuals goals with the organisations goals.

  • The way we go about changing performance is flawed. The more we focus on a problem, the more we hardwire or create stronger connections. By intentionally examining beliefs, values and assumptions you are able to focus on culture as a strategic imperative alongside operations and strategy. Positive thinking solution minded people are results oriented people - It about above the line and below the line.
  • Using our one to one engagement model can be a major strategy in using feedback to overcome blind spots, uncover personal resources and heighten motivation and engagement.

Create New Thinking for a Breakthrough                                                     Most managers are expert at their chosen “trade” but often not proficient at the management skills necessary to run an effective team. The skills that lead someone to a management level are not necessarily the skills they need to be effective at the leadership level. The Leader as A Coach Seminar is where the journey begins

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