High Performance Mind-Body Sport Program

Increased Self-Awareness & Accelerated Recovery

Under more extreme levels of stress like competitive sport – the body releases a high level of neuro-chemicals including dopamine and adrenaline-these can keep the body in a state of fight or flight long after the event, preventing the nervous system from rebalancing, revitalising and repairing. This can effect sleeping patterns, mood swings or increase levels of anxiety.

The High Performance Mind-Body-Sport Program is a practical program that delivers a systematic learning to enhance athletic recovery from the highs and lows of any sport or game.       

By implementing tangible new skill sets very powerful new competencies for athletes are gained.  A new ability to manage stress, reduce anxiety,  eliminate fatigue and stabilise  moods develops naturally.

Much higher levels of resilience, energy, increased positivity and increased clarity of thought for individuals and teams can be created.

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