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The Enneagram Circle Characteristics of Type 9 - The Peacemaker

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September 28, 2017

Find out about the different characteristics, stresses, management styles and ways you can assist a 'Type 9 Personality'. Whether you feel you fit within this characteristic type or a colleague or loved one, learning more about the different character types of the Enneagram circle can assist you in your work and home life.




(Also called the Mediator, Harmoniser, Connector)


  • Psychological defence is to promote harmony
  •   Calming energy – mediates and absorbs conflict
  •   Able to see all points of view
  •   May say yes when they really want to say no
  •   May postpone change or dealing with issues to avoid anger and conflict
  •   Like comfort and predictability and contain physical energy
  •   Accept wishes of others and may forget their own point of view
  •   Strong. When pushed, can dig in.
  •   They are the glue that keeps families, groups, organisations and society functioning




Key goal



 Ability to listen and understand others, willingness to compromise, acceptance of others, flexibility in adapting to surroundings, mediating

Where the attention goes

Avoiding discomfort and pleasing others, to details and structure, to merging with others


Difficulty saying no and taking a position, keeping life comfortable, harmonising, containment of energy and anger, wanting predictability, routine and distraction

Difficulties produced for self


Going along and later resenting and resisting it, forgetting the self, doing what makes life comfortable, indecisiveness leading to delays (procrastination), slow to make decisions, lack of own opinion (defers to opinions of others), avoidance of conflict, poor time management, lack of discernment about priorities

What causes me stress

 Taking a position, saying no to someone and having that person angry, having to make timely decisions and set priorities, dealing with a commitment I made that I didn’t really want to make, making a decision, prioritising

What makes me angry

 Being treated as not important, feeling controlled by others, being forced to face conflict, being overlooked, not being heard

Nature of my anger

 Passive aggression, manifested as stubbornness or resistance, Very occasionally “boiling over” and exploding or may just go quiet


Caring, attentive to others, compromising, adaptive, accepting, participative, accountable, responsible, relational, open and friendly

Basic strategies for development

Pay attention to own self and needs, determine priorities and take action on them, welcome discomfort and change

Daily activity:  Express your needs directly, set priorities and keep them, take a position



Management style

The Type 9 manager creates a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of room for differences

Leadership strengths

 Diplomatic, attention to details, easygoing, consistent, inclusive and collaborative, develops lasting relationships, patient, supportive of others

Improve leadership by

 Assert yourself more, emphasise what is important, get things off your desk, delegate more, have a bias for action

Stress point

Type 9 moves in the direction of Type 6 when under pressure or feeling stress. The characteristics at this point could appear to be:

  • Skepticism
  • Doubt
  • Procrastination 

Relax point

Type 9 moves in direction of 3 when in a relaxed state. The characteristics at this point that may then appear are:

  • Improved listening skills
  • Increased vulnerability
  • Increased production

How to get along with a Type 9

  • Ask a lot of questions and listen properly
  • Take time to create a pleasant environment
  • Encourage them to take action



For any further information regarding the enneagram personalities please contact [email protected]

Home » Media Hub » Blog » News & Events » The Enneagram Circle Characteristics of Type 9 - The Peacemaker