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The Enneagram Circle Characteristics of Type 7 - The Optimist

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July 13, 2017


Find out about the different characteristics, stresses, management styles and ways you can assist a 'Type 7 Personality'.


Whether you feel you fit within this characteristic type or a colleague or loved one, learning more about the different character types of the Enneagram circle can assist you in your work and home life.


(Also called the Adventurer, Epicure, Generalist, Visionary, Connoisseur)



  • Psychological defence is to be the optimist and ensure multiple options available


  • Avoid commitments that may restrict their freedom
  • Focus on pleasant possibilities and optimistic planning as a way of escaping the mundane or the limitations of boredom and pain. 


  • Often charming, lateral thinkers and witty types who seek out enjoyable new and stimulating life experiences.


  • Epicureans, who live life to the full.


  •  Fascinated with interesting people and their stories and with the natural world.


  •  Like to have options open to them and do not like to be trapped, avoiding entering into relationships that may restrict their freedom.




Key Goal



Lack of discipline, pleasure-seeking, entrepreneurial, enthusiasm, charm and liveliness, inspiring ideas, enthusiasm, avoiding conflict, Peter Pan energy

Where the attention goes

To multiple options, to interconnecting and interrelating information, to pleasant possibilities, options and distractions


Excitement, enjoyment, being liked (charm), simultaneous possible options, freedom

Difficulties produced for self

Various losses from trying to escape commitment,  overload from trying to keep excitement and energy going, distraction and diversion from deeper purposes involving task completion and relationships, easily bored, aversion to rules, keeping options open, lack of commitment, need for variety

What causes me stress

 Coping with overload that comes from trying to sample all that life has to offer, making the same mistakes over and over because of my desire to avoid pain, making commitments and then feeling trapped by them and wanting to escape

What makes me angry

 Constraints or limits that prevent me from getting what I want, people who are unhappy, depressed or blaming others, feeling trapped

Nature of my anger

 Brief to the point, short-lived, impetuous


Funny, inventive, imaginative, energetic, optimistic, loving life, seeing possibilities, inspirational

Basic strategies for development

Recognise excesses, meet commitments, accept the pain, limits and boredom as well as the joy and the options

Daily activity:  Listen fully to others, stay focused, commit and finish what you start

Management style

 Freedom, giving people space and stimulating them is the important aspect of management for a 7.

Leadership strengths

 Imaginative and creative, enthusiastic, curious, engaging, multitasking, upbeat, quick thinker, connects disparate data

Improve leadership by

 Slow your pace, find the truth in a criticism, complete your tasks, honour your commitments

Stress point

Type 7 moves in the direction of Type 1 when under pressure or feeling stress. The characteristics at this point could appear to be:

  • Rigidity, convinced they are right
  • Importance given to detail
  • More likely to complete
  • Can be critical

Relax point

Type 7 moves in direction of Type 5 when in a relaxed state. The characteristics at this point that may then appear are:

  •  Accepts a limited number of projects, completes them thoroughly
  • Takes more time to think and is less vulnerable to apparently fascinating distractions

How to get along with a Type 7

  •  Make clear contracts both verbally and in writing. The 7 has a more flexible attitude to contracts than the rest of the world
  • The 7 likes everything to be pleasant and that means there is no room for conflict
  • Include the 7 whenever it’s time for brainstorming or creative input


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