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Consciously Showing up for life and self-mastery

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December 21, 2017


Another year has flown by and it’s that time of year again, already. Our reminder of the years passing us by, and another year to reflect upon experiences, learnings, and people that have come into our life who have created opportunities for us to become more conscious of how we want to live our life or what we need to change and do differently, or not.


We cannot control life, it just flows and has been for billions of years. We are the result of 6 million years of change and evolution of our own brain.


Life flows through us and with us.


It's not what life does to us, it’s how we respond to what life is doing. And it’s not doing anything but giving us a wonderful opportunity to embrace it fully, to learn, grow and enjoy its presence.


How do I do that? You question why you are thinking the thoughts that are preventing you from being happy, loving, open and curious to what life is sending you now.


That requires being so fully present to what's going on in your thoughts, feelings and body that you are willing to ask those questions. What is it that I am thinking that is causing me some pain inside of me? Why am I thinking like this? Reacting like this? Repeating this habit that is going to cause me greater pain later in my life if I don't change now.


The ego is that part of us that we move through life with from a young age. We see the need to control our life because we want to be secure. We think if we are secure we will be happy.


Life seems very insecure. People change their moods, their thoughts, parents’ divorce, jobs change, finances fluctuate - we want to be safe.


Security is projected into having something in the world that seems to give us that sense of security. We think a relationship; a job or money is the answer. Then there is a sense of that I'm ok.


But inside, the ego is transacting life through the thoughts of our own self. The 80,000 thoughts a day go on - there little rides of joy, sadness, fear, happiness, worry, anxiety, love, rejection.


It's quite a journey really, every day. We think we are the only ones doing it and we forget it is a condition of all humans.


We think we are alone in the experience, but what we must see is the reality of this untruth. Alone hyphenated is all-one! We are all one in this experience of life.


How do we lean into the reality of this present experience in our life and realise the truth that we are not our thoughts? That we are only a victim to our own thoughts. We think the world is causing our experience but it’s our interpretation of the world - it’s not real until we make our thoughts create that reality in us.


Buddha was of course like all the great enlightened humans, telling us all we become our thoughts, so true, but they also said - we are not our thoughts.


That's when it becomes confusing. If we are not our thoughts than who are we?



If I'm not my thoughts, than why do they make me feel and think all these experiences that create so much suffering in myself?



The mind views the world through our senses, we interpret this unstable world with our thoughts, trying to get control over it.


Yet underneath those thoughts is Being. We are called human beings, not human doings or human thinking’s. That is not our true self or true nature.


Call this silence, consciousness, awareness, the observer. If we are alert and not completely hijacked by our thoughts, we can watch our thoughts as they cause us to become angry, sad, worried, happy, rejected, loving. You realise there is something else there - that's your Being.


Yet we are always more in our thoughts than we are in the Being. It seems like that silence is completely overshadowed by thinking and emotion.


Being is our true source of our self. Its peace, contentment, love, intelligence, creativity, silence, flow, spaciousness. You are that, I am that - all this is that.


Self-mastery and self-awareness ultimately have two important aspects to them.


Nothing happens for no reason. No one comes into our life for no reason. When things succeed or fail its only for us to learn and grow into our higher self of being and intelligence. There is a purpose, and that is to bring us closer to our self - not further.


We begin to move from the narrow thinking mind that is trying to control life, to the heart, that connects through us to everything around us.


Opening ourselves up to life as it actually is, rather than what you think it should be, is the most important healing we can do, I know.


We get out of the unconscious struggles of our thinking mind and connect with that deeper silent self which is our Being, and love.


Meditation brings us closer to that silent, unbounded Being where we let go of control and flow with faith that life has a bigger purpose and meaning.


But, we must also still practice questioning our thoughts. With meditation we grow with increasing self-mastery over our thoughts, but that's not enough. We must become powerfully present to every moment of our life, now.


The world needs you to be more conscious. Humans are creating through their own fears, hatred, biases, addictions, and mental struggles of pain and shame, so much suffering in our world from wars to the destruction of our environment, to the abuse of others in their world - physically and emotionally.


We need fully conscious leaders who can lead our organisations and countries on a path out of suffering, destruction, greed and pain, to love, joy and peace.


We need more fully conscious, self-aware human beings in our world, because they show up and are fully present, and like the sun, offer the light of their awareness to heal those around them with simply the power of their attention, presence and love.



May 2018 bring more opportunity to be fully present and that you realise that you are not your thoughts, you are much more.


Join me next year on my retreats in Bali, Australia, India and increase the power of our Being over our thinking self.  We are all unstoppable on the journey to make our world conscious. For more information about my upcoming India Retreat please contact us today!


Love, Joy, Silence, Flow, and Being. Courageously present to making a difference.

To your higher self, to our own self-mastery,


Kind Regards,

Steve Griffith 

CEO & Founder, Griffith Consulting Group


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