“Partnering with Griffith Consulting in our leadership and cultural change development has been one of the most important organisational decisions we have made. The results and staff surveys display objective data to show the change in culture. We have had remarkable personal benefits as well with our staff. I would strongly recommend any local government engage these programs if they want to rapidly change their culture.’’  Peter Gesling, Chief Executive Officer, Port Stephens City Council 2013

“Now more than ever, executives succeed or fail depending up on their capacity to organize and engage with their teams. Clarity of thinking, personal resilience and mindfulness are now irreplaceable tools in the leadership tool kit. The Success Without Stress program, with its unique use of meditation processes and focus on improvement of mind, body, heart and spirit has made a significant contribution to my own personal effectiveness and career longevity. In addition, the program has had a profound and lasting effect on those of my colleagues who have also experienced this distinctive learning opportunity. I strongly recommend the Success Without Stress program to leaders who wish to look at leadership in a different and personally sustainable way”. Jon Smiles, HR Director, Americas Industrial Coatings 2014

  “I think the High Performance Leadership Coach Program is a great program. It’s quite different. What I like is it’s not the normal textbook leadership. The point is it’s really about you and how you influence people. It’s inherently known but hard to practice. The Leadership group is going well. Maintenance days will be good.” Jim Lindsay, Chief Executive Officer, Ipswich City Council 2014

 “Absolute clarity and precision in thinking; seeing the world in a different way. My reactions to people are more relaxed, happy and encouraging. Feeling I can manage daily life in a more productive and successful way.” Kate Keenan, Head of Business Performance, Corporate and Business Banking, National Australia Bank

“This program has been the most effective personal and professional development initiative in which I have participated, a view shared by all our managers. The program took a holistic approach to improving performance in all the intelligences, providing a transformational experience through the insights and learning’s for application in the workplace.” Glenn Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Yarra Ranges 2014

 "Working in a highly stressful environment such as AFL football you become accustomed to what you think is the norm such as poor sleep patterns, high levels of agitation and intolerance however since being introduced to meditation by Steve Griffith my sleep patterns have improved greatly as well as an increased level of general wellbeing. I have no doubt that my daily meditation sessions have contributed to reducing my stress levels and my sense of wellbeing and fully support Steve's program." Greg Hutchison, General Manager - Football, Stkilda Football Club 2013 

“This is a great program!! My big problem seems to be around getting all necessary things done and on time. This program, I believe, will be of great assistance in maintaining my focus, reducing mental clutter, dealing with people more effectively, generally getting more out of my day, and outside of work too.Thanks!! It’s a pleasure endorsing such a great program!! Right amount of time is taken to work us through this program, including getting us over the mental hump of embracing meditation.” Darin Hoekman, Finance Manager- Orica Chemnet Australia

“Our Executive Management Team has been privileged to participate in the High Performance Leadership Coach Program. Some of the many benefits gained from participating in the program include enhanced personal well-being, greater sense of focus, heightened self-awareness and personal fulfilment. The program has enabled further refinement of our leadership and coaching attributes. Steve’s extensive knowledge, empathy and delivery style has helped us to significantly progress and focus our leadership journey.” Graeme Emonson, Chief Executive Officer, Knox City Council 2008

“The Program helps me recover much more quickly. I slept much better and that flowed through to how I felt - more positive in myself; more at ease and confident. Great Program.” Luke Darcy, Media Commentator and former Western Bulldogs Player

“For seven years Steven and Griffith Consulting Group has worked with over 200 of our staff transforming the culture and implementing a cross functional team based organization. Implementation of the Learning plan and The High Performance Leadership Coach Program has produced immediate and long term results in the behaviours of our leaders and their teams. Griffith Consulting has been a partner in unfolding the potential of our organization with increased sales up 40% and yet less stress and strain in the organization as a whole.” Barry Le Cornu, Managing Director,  Le Cornu Furniture 2009

“In my experience, as a senior manager for much of my thirty five years of employment in the local government sector, the High Performance Leadership Coach programme has been without peer in the genuine assistance it has given  to the people who have had the opportunity to undertake the course. I found that not only does it utilise very useful tools for managers and aspiring managers to be better able lead their people in the workplace but just as importantly, it provides participants with a better understanding of themselves as individuals and thus adds to their overall life skills.” Brent Armstrong, General Manager, Hobart City Council 2007

‘It provided the opportunity to reflect on where we are as a team, how we are implementing change and how we can improve and accelerate the implementation. It was particularly pleasing to see each of the director’s willingness to open up to each other and in doing so I believe it was successful in developing the team and encouraging authentic engagement.” Ken Gouldthorp, Chief Executive Officer, Toowoomba Regional Council, 2011

“I thought the program was terrific and that I now have the ability to have transition in the day. This has allowed me to be in a more appreciative, emotional state to interact with others, in meetings, at home and rebuilds my energy levels.”  Phil Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Shepparton City Council 2010

“I’ve found meditation has been significant in allowing me to focus on things that are important at the moment. I don’t get too stressed up or use a lot of nervous energy prior to the game. My body is able to recover more quickly after the game, and meditation has taken away a lot of the barriers which would have inhibited me in the past” Justin Madden- Minister State Government of Victoria; Past AFL Player with Carlton Football Club.

“Our corporate management team and all our managers have been through The High Performance Leadership Coach Program with remarkable results. I don’t think I’ve seen such a positive response in any leadership program in my management career. Wide range benefits such as improved repertoire, health, vitality, clarity of thought and empathy are all the kinds of feedback that we’ve received. Griffith Consulting doesn’t just deliver knowledge they change behaviours and improve the performance of leaders and teams.” Kelvin Spiller, Chief Executive Offficer, Maroochy Shire Council 2004   

“The Success Without Stress component of the Leadership Program was a very valuable part of the program, personally with both the physical and mental benefits and then it has brought a bond together in the team.” Margaret Abbey, Chief Executive Officer, Murrundindi Shire Council 2014

“I embarked on the High performance Leadership Coach program for the team. What I got was a better understanding of issues in the team, their strengths and weaknesses and their aspirations. It has been great in terms of building team. As an organisation we are innovative and are a strong team but now even stronger.” Carl Wulff, Chief Executive Officer, Ipswich City Council 2013

"I have improved my leadership and corporate focus since being on the course. I have more emotional self-control at work and at home. My communication is better. I have always been a team player but I am more involved as a whole. We meet as a team regularly at the end of the day; the group dynamics have been enhanced. In these difficult times the branch has improved; we have done milestones more in the last six months than the previous six months.” Graham McGinniskin, Manager Corporate Risk, Gold Coast City Council 2006

“The program is beneficial on an individual level and on group dynamic level- it has been a great opportunity to know oneself and others on a deeper level than other programs. I enjoyed it so much- it’s been really positive. Maintenance sessions will be good.” John Adams, City Planner, Ipswich City Council 2014 

“The High Performance Leadership Coach Program has been good practice to consider. I can’t say enough about how beneficial it was for the organisation, involving us as a team I can see people interacting better.” John Best, Manager, Wattle Range Council 2013


“Meditation is fundamental to a healthy life balance. High energy levels and clarity of thought are critical in an elite sporting environment and meditation facilitates both. Numerous Individuals within our team have benefited, and it remains a key part of our weekly preparation.” Scott Watters, Senior Coach, St Kilda FC 2013

"I am more self-aware, more confident, less stressed and more able to deal with ups & downs. I am more optimistic about the ability to manage emotions, well-being, and health. I am dealing with issues further out, learning what the flow on can be, and have more awareness of the repercussions. I have a much higher degree of EI at work, speaking in depth more freely, not as defensive with others and looking more at the impact on others.” Steve Eggins, Manager Government and Policy, Maroochy Shire Council 2004

“I am amazed at the outcomes of The High Performance Leadership Coach Program in such a short period of time. I am more energised, calm, and relaxed. I have cleared through work more effectively. I am really enjoying sharing the experience with the management team and believe it is contributing to the ability to share openly and achieve a much more positive resonate team culture” Judy Bailey, Manager Organisational Change and Learning, Marrochy Shire Council 2004

“As a result of the High Performance Leadership Coach Program I have greater optimism and confidence in tackling difficult situations by having better routines, better performing teams and better relationships with people.  I can focus better and engage openly with greater ease.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and seeks to embrace future possibilities to the greatest extent possible” Michael Mawn, Principal Project Officer, Department of Environment and Resource Management Queensland Government 2009

"The course gave me the opportunity to evaluate what I want to achieve and have the faith that I can achieve the things that I want. I have improved my productivity. Every moment provides an opportunity to enjoy life and be happy.” Greg Laverty, Chief Financial Officer, Maroochy Shire Council

"This leadership development program has caused me to reassess and reframe many facets of my work and all of life experience. The improved and heightened self-awareness outcome has led to many positive changes in the way I deal with the people I work and live with.  Plus whether it has been through the benefits of meditating or the more regular exercise regime that has emerged as an outcome of this course, I find that my energy levels are up and stress levels are down. The work life balance has moved to a much better place. Cheers..." Ross Krebs, Regional Manager - Water Services, Department of Environment and Resource Management, Toowoomba Qld 2010